Credit Sales

Requirement for Consumer credit purchase for private individuals and Institutions
Organizations can arrange credit purchases for their staff through our in-house credit scheme.

Requirements per order
An individual Consumer Credit form will be completed in addition to the following:

  • Passport sized picture
  • Valid Ghanaian I.D (preferably Voters or Passport)
  • Utility bill
  • Payslip upon request
  • Post- dated cheques (must be issued in lieu instalments payment)


Upfront payment
Depending on the item, an upfront payment of 30-50% of the price of the item will be required.

Background check period
We will typically use One (1) day for background checks to validate your ability to make monthly instalment payments.

Please allow two (2) days for processing and final release of specified products.

Duration of payment
The duration of payment varies with the products or sales item. We allow 3-6 months payment by monthly instalments depending on the product of which post-dated cheques will be issued.

Requirements for hire purchase for government workers, Ghana Police
Rowi Limited provides Hire Purchase schemes for all workers on government payroll like the Ghana Police.

There are five (5) documents that are supposed to be digitized and attached to the TPRS by the TPIs depending on the category of the TPI. They are:

  • Mandate Form
  • Loan Advance Form / Group Deduction Input Form
  • Authority Note
  • Valid ID Card
  • Passport Picture


Loans and Advance Form
This form must be duly signed and stamped by the Head of Department or the Accountant.

Authority note
The Authority note must be duly completed, signed and stamped by the authorised person/persons.